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What we see in the market when it comes to SaaS startups and companies is a rush for becoming bigger and broader company. We at SaaS Journal firmly believe that innovation happens at the smaller companies cos that is where the hunger is. SaaS Journal is an attempt to bring in all kinds of voices within the SaaS space to the forefront. We don't care what your last raise was or what unicorn or decacorn status your company has achieved. If you have an innovative solution and its improving the world in a positive manner we want to write about it and give it wider exposure. The attempt is give voice to the smaller companies who might be looking for a place to talk about what is unique and why they are different.

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Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.

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Realyn Sarmiento

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Realyn's experience working for a publication in the past gives her an edge in social media marketing, news writing and content curation--skills she puts to use at SaaS Journal. At SaaS Journal, she is responsible for tasks such as research, content curation and marketing.

Sheilla Mae Lim

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Adriana Peterson

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Adriana has a background in Social Media Marketing, Video Editing, Content Writing and overall Marketing Strategy. At SaaS Journal she is responsible for growth hacking and social media but also heavily involved in content curation, partnership & alliances

Manish Balakrishnan

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Manish is veteran Technology entrepreneur who has been leading Technology and Marketing leadership teams across domains. He runs his own Startup consulting company as well as web and app development company.

Tia Parker

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Tia has years of experience running Marketing Strategy and SEO at various agencies and large publishers. She has been excited about the SaaS space since the time she started automating marketing functions

Aishah Shukor

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Content Writer and SaaS Fintech Expert. Aisha writes about SaaS founders and founding team dynamics, mental health and raising money from Private offices

Joel Juma

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SaaS Founder and Startup enthusiast promoting startups and investment into Africa. Joel writes about SaaS sales and growth hacking.

Sergio Mamani

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Angel investor and SaaS Edtech Founder who rights about all things SaaS including early SaaS funding, hiring within SaaS as well as financial planning within SaaS