othing is more important to a business than the happiness of its customers and nothing maximizes customer satisfaction like perfect products that never fail or break. But, because perfection can be challenging for some businesses to achieve, there are ways they can make their product as close to unbreakable as possible without sacrificing quality. A SaaS helpdesk is a software-based solution that can be accessed remotely and features multiple channels including email, chat, or phone to address customer inquiries. The benefits of this type of service include eliminating onsite hardware costs like servers and network equipment while streamlining operations through better monitoring tools for alerts.

More and more businesses are leveraging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to provide their customers with an efficient support experience in today’s digital age. Traditional customer service solutions hosted on your servers at your location may not be the best way for these business owners because of security risks as well as a lack of scalability but with SaaS helpdesks delivered over the internet like websites, you don't have any worries about maintaining hardware or upgrading systems - it all happens seamlessly in the background while providing awesome levels of accessibility that are sure to impress even those most remote clients.

SaaS is a cloud-based service desk software that also includes the benefits of scalability, cost-effectiveness, and easy setup. One major benefit of SaaS, without an entire team managing it would be the maintenance of work on the backend which you can leave with your provider and if unhappy with any aspect of choice within this software, opting out is always an option if desired.

In the event of a pandemic, it is more important than ever to keep your customers happy and that’s where help desk software comes in and you can choose from many help desk software that is tailored for different needs and budgets.

These are the SaaS Help Desk Software's

1. Gorgias

Gorgias is a one-stop support center for your company. Any business with an online component can be used, and it manages every aspect of the customer experience from start to finish. Every team will have access to all conversations happening with customers around their products or services so they are always up on what's going on in real-time without having to go into each app separately. Gorgias is an innovative helpdesk that automatically responds to all your customer needs. With a wide range of features, Gorgias has got you covered for any situation.

CEO: Romain Lapeyre

Industry: eCommerce

Location: San Francisco, California

2. Jitbit

Jitbit is a SaaS company that aims to provide an end-to-end customer service software solution. They are deeply committed to providing the best possible support and building features into their product that will improve your workflow as you interact with customers on our platform. JITBIT Helpdesk allows for better integration of email, file attachments, Google drive files (DOCXs) from right inside the app - all without logging out or leaving it! This means more time saved so employees can focus on solving issues instead of wasting valuable minutes looking for needed information elsewhere. Jitbit is a SaaS company that aims to build an all-inclusive helpdesk software. 

CEO: Alex Yumashev

Industry: Software

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

3. Freshdesk also known as Freshworks

Freshworks is a company that provides companies with SaaS customer engagement solutions. Customers are the backbone of every thriving business and Freshworks makes it easy for teams to keep them. With innovative customer engagement software, businesses can provide a 360-degree view that is readily available with just the click of one button. The interface also cuts out all that time you'd spend manually chasing down leads; so go ahead, close more customers.

CEO: Girish Mathrubootham

Industry: CRM

Location: California, United States

4. Zendesk

Zendesk is the ultimate customer service platform. It empowers organizations to improve their customer engagement and better understand what customers need from them with its easy-to-use software, giving a company balance in innovation while also scaling along with growth. Zendesk has been designed for use by any kind of organization that needs help when it comes to engaging employees or understanding where they are coming up short. Zendesk is a customer service software provider that creates an extensive system for organizations to empower their customers.

CEO: Mikkel Svane

Industry: Customer Service

Location: California, United States

5. Happyfox

HappyFox is one of the world's most popular help desk ticketing systems, supporting multiple customer support channels like email, voice, and live chat. Happyfox automatically detects a user’s location to render any content in their native language. Ideal for global organizations with employees spread across different time zones or countries and to get even more mobile-friendly, the happy fox also has an app available on iOS and Android platforms that can be accessed anywhere there is internet access so your team never misses out on receiving important notifications while they're away from the office. HappyFox simultaneously has 35 languages and offers great flexibility for users all over the world and is leading customer service and event management company, owned by Tenmiles Technologies.

CEO: Shalin Jain

Industry: Customer Service

Location: California, United States

6. Liveagent

LiveAgent is an innovative customer service software that allows companies to provide high-quality support through various channels such as voice and email. LiveAgent is a revolutionary customer service software with multiple channels like voice, email, and live chat to connect with customers and provide exceptional services. LiveAgent offers many features, such as answering emails and Facebook messages and it also monitors tweets mentioning your brand or important keywords for you to respond quickly.

CEO: Viktor Zeman

Industry: Customer Service

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

7. Zoho Desk

Zoho offers a suite of business, collaboration, and productivity applications that can be used to manage CRM data for a company's marketing campaign with one simple tool. Zoho is a leader in online business solutions and with more than 30 applications for everything from customer relationship management to invoices, Zoho has the perfect solution for any small or medium-sized company’s needs.

CEO: Sridhar Vembu

Industry: Software

Location: California, United States

8. Help Scout

Help Scout is a company that has revolutionized the way companies provide customer service. They offer an excellent help desk invisible to customers, which helps them deliver great support and keep up with expectations. Help Scout is a new breed of customer service. It offers businesses an invisible help desk, helpful and personal agents who can power different channels from anywhere in the world at any time- all for one low price. This company helps its customers by providing email or live chat with personalized assistance. They also assist business owners to deliver outstanding customer support that will make clients feel like they are getting individualized attention each time they contact their brand's website, app, or phone line. 

Founded by: Nick Francis

Industry: Customer Service

Location: Boston, United States

9. Groove

Groove is a leading sales engagement platform that enables companies to use Salesforce. Groove automates non-sales activities so that pre-and post-sales reps can spend more time building relationships with potential customers, making them feel heard without having to deal with administrative tasks themselves. Groove is a customizable sales application that has received the highest customer satisfaction rating in its category for over two years. Groove’s user-friendly interface and innovative features allow it to seamlessly integrate with different team members, including account executives, sales development representatives, and customer success managers.

CEO: Chris Rothstein

Industry: Sales Automation 

Location: California, United States

10. Helpcrunch

Helpcrunch is a single customer communication platform that covers support, marketing, and sales. A one-stop customer service solution for your business. It combines live chat software, email marketing, help desk, and knowledge base into an easy-to-use package that eliminates the need for multiple tools. HelpCrunch is a customer communication platform for your Support, Marketing & Sales and you can use it to increase conversions and sales, improve support and grow faster with our easy-to-use features.

CEO: Pavel Pavlenko

Industry: CRM

Location: California, United States

11. ProProfs

ProProfs is a cloud-based SaaS company that offers comprehensive e-learning tools for building, testing, and sharing knowledge. They have the world's largest library of professional tests & quizzes available on their platform. ProProfs has empowered people to work better, get smarter employees and create happier customers by providing a suite of products that includes Quiz, Survey, Online Training Knowledge Base Live Chat, and ProProfs have a wide range of technology products and services that are constantly updated with all the latest trends, according to G2 Stack.

CEO: Sameer Bhatia

Industry: Education

Location: California, United States


Every business is different, but they share one thing in common, which is customers. Your customers are unique and have their own needs that your company must work to fulfill for them and there's no way you can figure out what this means without researching the interests of each customer segment individually first so you know where to create new products or services tailored specifically just for them.

Today’s best help desk software plays a critical and all-around role in giving delightful customer experiences but with so many options on the market, how do you know which one is the best? We have created a list of 11 robust tools for your exploration and you can explore the features of these tools features and offers and find what exactly matches all conditions that are perfect for your needs. Here are some articles that will help you generate robust content for your customer and helpdesk needs, SaaS Customer Research - 21 Tips To Do It The Right Way, 13 Best SaaS Groups To Learn SaaS Or Get Support, and 11 Important Tips For Launching A SaaS Platform. We are excited to provide more informative content about SaaS. If you have additional information, feel free to email us!

Jul 19, 2021

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