OVID-19 ripped through the landscape of B2B + Cloud events when it started in January 2020, canceling all events that thousands of firms rely on for pipeline and revenue. No one is fully prepared for this pandemic, which we call COVID-19, and no one is truly prepared. However, this new challenge is incredible, and many businesses quickly adapt and overcome this new normal. In the blink of an eye, cloud technology has to bring a new era of completely virtual events.

Conferences and events have grown in relevance for SaaS companies over the previous few years. SaaS events are a great way to get products and services out there and explore new technologies and synergies on a global scale. The SaaS industry faces many different ways of getting products out there from online shopping to cloud computing, we look at what's coming next for the sector. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, everybody can attend a SaaS event. Rather than relying on the internet for communication, knowledge, and sales, it is more important to engage in face-to-face connection and understanding.

Now that we've reached the year 2021, there's a whole new set of SaaS events to anticipate. Every squad will begin 2021 with a fresh set of objectives and possibilities. ‚Äć

The following is a list of 2021's most anticipated SaaS events:

Event: SaaStr Annual 2021

Date: February 2-4, 2020

Venue: San Francisco Bay Area

Every year, SaaStr is one of the greatest SaaS conferences in the market. If everything goes according to plan in 2021, the dates are expected to be February 2-4. It will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area, with over 15000 Cloud and SaaS experts expected to participate.

Around 5000 mentoring sessions and 100 workshops will be held. In various sessions, over 250 speakers will share their expertise and experiences.


Event: Slush 2021: 19th ‚Äď 20th November 2021

Date: November 19-20, 2021

Venue: Helsinki, Finland

This is a one-day event for aspiring company entrepreneurs focused on preparing them to solve real-world challenges. This is a meeting of over 25000 curious minds eager to establish a name for themselves in the startup industry. The event will take place in Helsinki, Finland.

This event is expected to attract over 2000 investors. So, if you're looking for funding for a future project, this is the place to be and create valuable connections.

Event: SaaS Monster: 21-24th June 2021 in Toronto, Canada

Date: June 21-24, 2021

Venue: Toronto, Canada

Web Summit, Collision, and RISE are hosting SaaS Monster, a one-of-a-kind event. It will feature speakers from well-known companies that will discuss the four most important subjects in SaaS: corporate technology, security, cloud, and big data. A strong emphasis on technology will be placed on this. So, if you're a techie, this event is a great way to brush up on your skills.

Event: Dublin Tech Summit: 21 ‚Äď 22 April 2021, RDS Dublin

Date: April 21-22, 2021

Venue: Dublin, Ireland

This SaaS conference takes place in Dublin, which is quickly becoming the epicenter of the European tech scene. This event will bring together a wealth of information and essential insights from influential business and technology executives from around the world. Successful startup executives from over 70 nations share their skills, examine trends, and network during this two-day conference. This is one of the most popular and this is one of the most well-attended growth accelerator seminars for forward-thinking business owners.

Event: SaaStock 2021: Spring and Summer, Online

Date: To be Announced

Venue: Europe, North America, Latin America, and APAC. 

One of the largest worldwide networks of SaaS creators, executives, and investors is SaaStock. They hold annual SaaS conferences throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. Due to the current epidemic, they have stated that their events for the following year will be held online. Next year, there will be two events, one in the spring and one in the summer. The dates have not yet been revealed.

Event: Business of Software Europe: March 2021, Cambridge UK

Date: March 2021

Venue: Cambridge UK

This is a carefully planned event that will provide valuable insights from various thought leaders in the SaaS community. They include speeches on a variety of themes that are relevant to SaaS leaders, including growth strategy, product management, leadership, organizational culture, and more.

It holds interactive workshops that allow for group exercises and topic-focused group discussions. In March 2021, Cambridge, UK will host the 8th Business of Software Conference.

Event: Adobe Summit: April 13 ‚Äď 15, 2021, Virtual event

Date: April 13-15, 2021

This is primarily due to changes in the realm of customer experience. They're organizing an online event with additional live material and networking chances. They bring a breadth of experience from leaders in sectors as diverse as marketing automation, analytics, and commerce. The goal is to take inspiration from these sectors and contribute to the advancement of the customer experience through leadership.

Event: Recurring Revenue Conference: April 2021

Date: April 2021

Venue: Southern California

This is the only subscription economy conference in Southern California. As the name implies, the main focus of this event will be on the subtleties of recurring revenue, which is the lifeblood of any SaaS company.Over 700 company experts are expected to attend this event to share their knowledge of recurring revenue sources and how to increase them. They discuss what is assisting them in their development as well as where they have failed and what they have learned as a result of their failures.

Event: Mind the Product Conference Digital: 18-19 November 2021

Date: November 2021

Product development strategies are more prominent during Mind the Product conferences. Its guests benefit from a unique blend of design, technology, and business. Some of the most well-known names in product design attend this event to share their product management expertise.

It also provides an excellent opportunity to network with product executives from various companies. So, if you're a SaaS founder trying to improve your product, this event is for you.

Event: DesignOps Global Conference: May 2021

Date: May 2021

DesignOps Global Conference is a conference for design leaders, researchers, developers, product managers, and business executives who are defining the way we scale research, design, and deliver new products. It is specifically focused on the experience economy. This is the world's most prestigious conference for digital transformation practitioners.

Which SaaS Events Would You Like to Attend in 2020?

Let's start on a bright note; there are still a variety of SaaS conferences to attend. In 2021, there is plenty of chance to make up for lost ground. Unlike typical on-premise setups, SaaS software is hosted in the cloud, removing the need to purchase new hardware or spend money on its maintenance.

Feb 26, 2021

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