re your current SaaS marketing strategies working? For the year 2021, it's time to take a step back and assess the effectiveness of your business strategy so you can find areas that need improvement. If you're looking to improve your SaaS marketing, we've got the best practices for it. Implement these tips so that you can course-correct before reaching any significant help along the way in your business.

As the world becomes more virtual, companies are becoming increasingly reliant on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  The SaaS market is expected to grow as more and more verticals increasingly rely on technology. Having a well-thought-out and well-executed digital marketing plan is critical to the overall success of your business.

The article is tailored to SaaS platforms and includes practical advice on the most effective marketing methods available. Find out the Top 12 Marketing Best Practices for SaaS and how to put them into action in your company.

1. Make Your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Product User-Friendly

To increase your conversion rate, reduce the trial duration. If consumers are under time constraints, they will be more likely to convert because the product seems scarce and therefore valuable. SaaS products usually offer with either 14-days or 30-day free trials. The length depends on the product's cost and complexity, like how SEO SaaS tools typically provide only seven days of a trial period due to their higher price tag.

You should consider how to adequately maintain your SaaS product's accessibility while also creating a sense of scarcity among consumers. As new product-led growth strategies are on the rise, this is particularly important because it allows customers to discover the value for themselves and makes them more likely to purchase products from companies they trust with their data.

2. Avoid Making Discounts.

When it comes to luring people into buying things, discounts are one of the oldest tricks in existence. They work well and can increase sales numbers quite a bit. SaaS firms should avoid using discounts as a last-minute marketing tactic because it will make the customer question your brand and business. It can quickly turn out that you brought in an audience who doesn't stick with your company and ultimately churns.

The SaaS industry is known for having some of the highest customer churn rates. To avoid this, a firm should not offer discounts or promotions because it will allow potential customers to try out your product without committing long-term, and they may then switch once that promotion expires. Instead of competing on price, you should compete based on your unique selling proposition. In this way, customers are more likely to stay loyal for more extended periods because the product fits their needs better than other options available in the market.

To make your product and brand better, you should increase the number of people who know about it. It is beneficial because recognizing how users interact with a program can help improve features that aren't present in other programs or services. It's also helpful in gaining feedback from customers, so they are satisfied with their experience using them.

3. Have a good customer support

Your customer care is one of the most crucial aspects. It is especially true if you have significant competition in your market. Because they don't provide excellent service, many customers may abandon their products and buy from a competitor who offers better support.

To better understand the level of customer assistance you need, it's essential to consider your company strategy. If the consumer just needs minor assistance, chat/email is a suitable alternative.

If the customer needs more assistance, live phone help is necessary. If more complicated situations need specialized assistance, one-to-one solutions may be preferable to give tailored advice on their unique concerns.

4. Participate in online review sites

A great way to add social proof for your SaaS marketing efforts is by getting into review sites. Nowadays, software review websites are necessary for a newly established firm to gain trust and authority in the industry.

It is vital for potential consumers can learn about other people's experiences with your product. The best way to do this would be by checking what others have said online about the products they offer. While developing your SaaS product, conduct some research on review sites to ensure that it's meeting users’ needs. What are people saying about competitors? How do they feel about what's emphasizing on the sales page?

Responding to client evaluations is also an essential practice since it demonstrates that your customer service team cares about its customers and the quality of their experience. As business owners or managers, it’s a good way for you to gain valuable feedback on what can improve in meeting expectations and improving product performance going forward.

5. Make a yearly payment.

Annual payments are more affordable than monthly ones. It is an excellent way to save money and make the deal less complicated for yourself, so consider it. If a customer signs up for an annual subscription, they're going to be around longer than someone who doesn't. That's why you should always treat your long-term customers well and never forget that it is them keeping your business afloat - not the other way round.

Annual plans help SaaS companies estimate and predict statistics more efficiently. In addition, because yearly payments are more manageable for firms to process, most of the discount is if you pay every 12 months instead of monthly or quarterly. Not only does a subscription model provide steady revenue throughout the year, but it also provides additional benefits, such as ensuring that even in months when demand is low for your product, you still have income.

6. Make a recommendation system.

A SaaS referral program is a great way to increase your customer base. There are two ways to implement: having referral links in the product for existing customers and giving them discounts on their next purchase if they recommend your product to someone else.

You could have also had a referral link in the product for existing customers. Every time they recommend your products to someone else, you give them discounts on their next purchase. One way to measure the effectiveness of your SaaS referral system is by tracking how many customers you're acquiring from each channel. If a particular source isn't performing well, you must make changes accordingly for your company as a whole to see results.

7. Content Marketing as a Service 

The staggering amount of digital content generates today ranges from high-quality, unique content to low-quality articles. Digital clickbait is becoming an increasing problem as well due to its increased popularity among consumers. SaaS companies are in a unique position to use content marketing as an effective growth strategy. Customers who have already searched for solutions online landed on your website's landing page, making them the most likely audience of potential customers. 

Making your SaaS content marketing stand out in the industry isn't easy. You must consistently produce high-quality, persona-driven material that is both keywords optimized and provides value to potential customers so they can sell your platform with confidence. Content marketing has the crucial advantage of driving leads long after content is initially published and shared.

8. Providing free trials

If you want to attract customers and increase sign-ups for your product or service, then free trials are a sure way of doing so. Customers will try out the products they like and, in turn, become more likely to continue using them over time due to their positive experience with them - that's how effective SaaS marketing strategies work.

The use of free trials in today's day and age is a must because it acts as an incentive for customers to sign up for your product or service. It makes it worthwhile when doing SaaS marketing strategy, which will help you acquire new customers.

9. Make your signup form as brief as possible.

Keep your signup form concise if you want to gain the most leads from your SaaS marketing efforts. Reduce the number of steps that it takes for someone to sign up. If you want more people signing up, try making it easier on them by reducing any barriers they might have initially faced when trying to do so.

Sign-ups should have fewer fields and complete information about what the customer can expect. They should also be easy to fill, but most importantly, they are more accessible when customers require less input.

10. Make a mailing list.

Email marketing is an excellent option for local businesses looking to increase their revenues. If customers have agreed to give you their email address, it means they are already interested in your products and services, which can turn into sales pretty quickly. It is more effective if you have a strong email list. You should encourage customers, social media followers, blog post subscribers, and anyone interested in your local company to join the email list so that they receive relevant information from you.

When creating email marketing campaigns, it is best to target different people on the list. It will give you better results than just sending out bulk emails for everyone in general.

11. Follow up on any lost customers.

The importance of SaaS marketing is that after a customer’s initial purchase, there are still things companies can do. Following up and staying in touch with lost customers is an essential best practice for successful SaaS marketers. You can also send them informative content about your products and sending them updates time-to-time.

You may follow up on lost trials through a re-engagement email automation, like a simple follow-up email asking for feedback, offering a free consultation, etc. It can help increase success rates while keeping communication open between the two parties involved.

12. Keep a solid social media presence.

One of the nicest aspects about social media is that it is completely free. While you may have to pay for paid ads, most social media platforms are entirely cost-effective and give businesses complete control over their campaigns. To establish a strong presence on the internet and become more successful, you need to identify which sites are most popular with your intended audience. Then build up a large following there to increase your visibility as an expert who can help them meet their goals.

The next step to being an effective content marketer is learning to build a rapport with your audience. It will not only enable you to attract organic visitors but also strengthen any existing customer relationships.


We are in the midst of a SaaS marketing revolution. The industry will only improve as time goes on; this means that it's time for you, the small business owner, to start using effective SaaS marketing techniques to take advantage of this popular new methodology. Use your knowledge wisely before 2022 hits and make a difference. To stay competitive, product developers need to innovate in the fields of marketing and sales constantly. It is because industry changes are happening at an increasingly rapid pace with a growing number of competitors.

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) marketing has never been more complex or sophisticated. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you create a product that appeals to your target market and lets you budget accordingly. You should always try out the most appropriate strategies for yourself or the company first and see what works best. It’s your plan, after all. Aside from that, we also have other helpful marketing tips that you can learn and apply it to your business like How Do You Use Twitter As A SaaS Business, How To Set The Right Price For Your SaaS, and How Do You Use Facebook As A SaaS Business? We are letting our readers getting more tips for a successful business in the near future.

Sep 6, 2021

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