or many of us, our careers are centered on the start-up world. We scour the internet for what's new and who is up and coming in order to stay ahead of the curve. But it can be difficult to find a good list of new companies that have what it takes to lead the market.  The best way to predict the future is to invent it. We all want to know what’s coming next in the world of technology, so we created a list of 10 start-ups ideas that will likely lead the market in 2022. If you’re reading this, get ready to be inspired and ready to take your start-up idea and become the next big thing!

Observe. Al

Observe.AI is the go-to platform whether you are operating a call center or need a coach for your sales and support team. It is an AI-powered voice assistant that can turn your contact centers into profit generation machines. Observe.AI uses multiple technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and a list of error checks to ensure that all your voice calls are following the same procedures. It tracks, monitors, and educates the call agents to ensure that each of your calls can generate sales and thereby increasing profitability and decreasing the number of uninterested callers.

It is currently backed by Scale Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, Y Combinator, and Emergent Ventures with $34.1M funding. 


Wheels is a shared electric mobility platform that’s designed to promote smart city projects around the world. Wheels lets you rent wheels (motor pods) for a day, a month, or even a year. The company offers hybrid electric vehicles with a sleek design, swappable parts, batteries, built-in Bluetooth speakers, and many charging points so that you commute with ease and remain safe. Its current investor is DBL Partners with $87M raised funding. 

Coded Minds 

The startup aims to focus on real-world issues and fix them using technology and innovation. Coded Minds is a technology-education startup that aims to revolutionize the paradigm of tech education. Basically, it focuses on methods - it starts with the problem and inculcates a practical, hands-on project-based curriculum. It provides education in all ages in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia, and the USA. Its current investor is Al Arabi Investments and funding of AED10M. 


This company is a blockchain-enabled company that facilitates the capital markets by allowing traders to trade in private companies using trusted global solutions. The platform is secure and offers high-quality experience for investors. It is integrated with multiple US-based marketplaces, so traders can trade without any fear of losing their earnings. The company has received over $26 million in funding and aims to become one of the biggest US marketplaces. The investor is Stripes with $78.8M current funding raise. 


It is the most comprehensive agile product management software on the market that perfectly balances the three dimensions of product management: product roadmapping, team alignment, and customer connection. It empowers product teams to communicate with one another, prioritize what to build next, and engage with their customers. It can be used to track bugs, defects, and feature requests. It provides a forum for collaboration between product managers and engineers. This allows you to keep up-to-date on product development by creating a master task list, managing tasks in scrum teams, and tracking release dates.


Industrifonden invested on this go-to platform for respiratory health tracking, improvement, and cure. The startup offers devices to track and monitor the respiratory health of individuals who are young and old alike. The platform is designed after extensive patient research and insights from leading pulmonologists and researchers. It aims to empower patients and caregivers around the world.


DrapperLabs is a gaming company that develops games powered by cryptocurrency. Not only is it developing games, but it is also playing a vital role to make blockchain a reality. Currently, only a few people, gamers, innovators (Andreessen Horowitz), and early adopters  are tinkering with the blockchain. Its current raised fund is $38.9M and for it to make it successful is for the common people to adopt this technology.


This tool identifies and notifies the failures in an electrical system with respect to type, location, equipment or priority. They can mark these failures ‚Äėsolved‚Äô, or otherwise assign them to the relevant person who is working at that location. With any user in an organization can report a technical failure directly to the relevant technicians in quick time. Its current raised funding is $5.4M and its investor is TiVenture.


Clumio is transforming the SaaS industry through its enterprise backup technology. It is one of the most successful apps that you can integrate with top cloud-native platforms and native AWS servers. It ensures that your cloud services remain secure and meet the current and future backup requirements of the demanding enterprises. Its current raised fund is $186M by Cherry Ventures. 


It is a premium bus booking app that lets you book fixed-rate rides on buses and vans in your area. It allows people to share a ride either in a van or on a bus in the morning and evening. You can easily book a ride at an affordable rate with Swvl mobile app.Its current raised fund is $80M by Dash ventures.

In Summary

The future is now. If you are not already thinking about the year 2022, then maybe it's time to start. The next decade will bring many changes for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. You can learn a lot by observing the trends of today’s up-and-coming startups. We look forward to your idea and how it is gonna be a big thing this year! Share it with us via tweet.

Jan 12, 2022

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