illions of companies either small or large are communicating with people using Facebook.

Make meaningful connections with people that matter to you.

Every month, 2.5 billion people use Facebook to connect with friends and family and discover things that matter. Find new customers and develop long-term relationships with them. If you own a SaaS company, marketing is by far one of your top priorities. Facebook is the go-to for many companies because of its incredibly targeted marketing solutions and easy-to-setup campaigns.

Find out how Facebook marketing solutions will help you meet market demands for self-service and easier tools for lead qualifying. In this post, we'll talk about a few ways that B2B SaaS businesses can use Facebook in innovative ways in their marketing. We will not state the obvious that you need to have a Facebook page and post beneficial content on it.

In the world of business, we don't know a lot about our client’s personal interests. But they still know a great deal about our professional interests and that information allows us to target our perfect client persona.

Facebook obtains technical data in the following manner.

1. Facebook Pixel

Facebook knows about every website you visit on the web and there is a Facebook Pixel built on almost every website. To learn more about your surfing background and preferences (both technical and personal), Facebook uses the web background.

2. Facebook Groups and Pages

There may be technical groups, labels for competitors, sites for influencers, etc. Many individuals are linked to their professional interest in Facebook groups and like Facebook pages.

3. Employers and Job Titles

Many people list their current and past employers, as well as their employment titles, on their online profiles.

4. Fields of Study

Many people often include in their college profiles their college majors to show what careers they are going to be in. If anyone has studied engineering, for example, there is a fair probability that they will now work as an engineer. In the, it is more common for people to say they want to be a doctor or lawyer rather than a nurse or dentist.

B2B SaaS Facebook Ads Leveraging Specialized Audiences

On Facebook, consider these 4 key targeting options:

1. Users for whom you have already collected pixel data are retargeted.

2. Customizing audiences depending on their habits and interests.

3. Create a "custom audience" using the data you have on your clients and prospects.

4. When you have a list of target accounts, you can target distinct persons (account-based marketing).

Facebook is testing a feature that allows you to retarget users for whom you already have pixel data. If successful, it will allow you to tell Facebook exactly who you want to interact with on other social networks.

With B2B SaaS, it is difficult to build custom audiences based on desires and habits. You are more likely to succeed with this route if you are in the eCommerce space or selling to an audience whose company depends on spending a lot of time on Facebook.

B2B businesses will find it hard to build markets based on the target customer persona's preferences and habits. Facebook is one of the key reasons why B2B companies struggle to make Facebook work for them.

9 Things Every founder of SaaS needs to know about Facebook Advertising

1. Make a low-commitment bid

Many people don't use Facebook to join up for services or make purchases. You should keep the entry barrier as low as possible if you want them to accept your bid.

2. Get the Facebook Pixel early on your website. And develop the monitoring of conversions.

The pixel isn't simply for retargeting (but it is an important purpose). It also tracks conversions on your website, allowing Facebook's algorithm to figure out who is most likely to convert in the future.

3. Submit traffic directly to the homepage

SaaS startups typically provide a general target audience with one service/product. As a result, as a high conversion landing page, they typically do a fantastic job optimizing their homepage. The most important thing to focus on is the product or service you are trying to sell and how it fits in with that product.

4. Build a Facebook Group Community Around Your Person

Facebook is widely used. If you, your grandmother, and Elon Musk are all on Facebook, your ideal target clients are likely to be there as well, and the more time you spend with them, the better you will come to know and offer them something.

5. Using Facebook Advertising Retargeting to Reactivate Churn-Risk Users

You can generate onboarding and feature interaction experiences that will help users connect with your app more easily. If you're running or working in SaaS marketing, one of your top goals should be user retention. You can create an interactive experience to make it easier for users to interact with your apps.

6. Network, Target Users Find and Themes Interview

You need to hang out with your users if you want to represent them well. You can always hang out in other groups with your target people. Ask them for interviews that you can use on your blog as both marketing materials and remind your roadmap of the product. This is closely related to point 1; you need to be able to connect with your customers.

7. Latest Activation by User

Take advantage of Facebook Advertising to trigger your recent free signups and get them to start using your product. Facebook Advertising will help you in several different ways if you are serious about increasing your SaaS business.

8. Promote Updates

You can use Facebook Ads to persuade free trial users to move to a paid service or push high-level accounts to mid-level users who will give you more money. You can also use them to push high-level accounts to people who will pay for them.

9. Prohibit audiences

Facebook is a great place to find new customers, but it can also help you target them. Facebook allows you to remove audiences if you don't want to spend money on current users. This means that you are not wasting promotional funds on people who are already using the site.


If done correctly, Facebook can be a great tool to bring in leads, signups, free trials, and much more. While investing in Facebook as a platform to acquire new B2B customers may seem unintuitive, companies are made up of individuals and people who use Facebook. While many individuals use the site more for personal life than for work, they can still be reached with business-related advertising.


Apr 9, 2021

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