here is a small community of review pages that keep us up-to-date on the latest trends in B2B technology and SaaS. Online reviews are the comments made by consumers who have bought or used a product. They're different from testimonials and other references that you'll find on websites, which is why they could be seen as biased; but because online reviews are impartial and honest, it gives your prospective clients more information to make an informed decision about what products to buy.

We've compiled a list of onboarding statistics for customers that you can use to learn more about these services and why they are important to your organization.

1. Create a clear view of the customer experience

A strong consumer-focused vision is the first step in your company's service plan. This should be a collection of statements that will guide you on how to interact with consumers.

2. Comprehend who the clients are

Understanding the needs of different types of customers is a crucial part of understanding what they need to be satisfied. For example, some people might want an answer right away and others don't mind waiting for one. The next step is figuring out how your customer service team handles various types that can help you tailor their experience with you based on who they are as individuals. Companies are more likely to attract customers if they follow the mindset of listening and empathizing with consumers and those who listen, understand, and sympathize will see a rise in sales as their products align better with customer needs by understanding what is going on from a consumer perspective.

3. Establish an emotional bond with your clients

The emotional connection that is built between a customer and the company can make them loyal customers, which in turn makes it easier for companies to know how they feel about their products. A company that optimizes for an emotional connection can be up to 85 percent more successful in revenue growth than its competitors.

4. Capture real-time input from customers

How can you tell if a WOW customer experience is being delivered? You need to inquire, and the best way of doing this would be with real-time feedback. This provides an instant insight into any issues that may arise during your service delivery or product usage. Interacting with customers in real-time is a great way to provide them with the best customer service. It not only gives them an instant response but also allows you to follow up and create more opportunities for engagement after they have completed their interactions. Live chat software is a great way to connect with customers and offer them personalized service. You can hold conversations in real-time, give everyone the opportunity for feedback at the end of each live conversation, and follow up on these discussions via surveys or email too.

5. Using a quality system for your team's growth

Customers are the most important part of your business, and following these steps will help you know what they think. Customer experience is about how customers feel when interacting with your brand as well as their individual impressions afterward; make sure to take this into account for future customer interactions.

6. Act upon periodic feedback from employees

What if there was a way to receive feedback in between survey periods? Imagine the wonders this could do for an organization. It's been proven that annual surveys are essential to success, but what about those 11 months where nothing is done with these results? Wouldn't it be amazing to have some sort of update from employees so we can implement changes and make improvements within our organizations before another year goes by without any change?

7. Measure the ROI from offering outstanding customer service

One of the greatest problems facing organizations is assessing customer experience, which is why many businesses use the "Net Promoter Ranking" or NPS. This survey asks a single clear question for customers to answer and then uses their feedback as information for providing better service. The one key factor in determining how you can improve your business' services comes from those who have given it a try before.

8. Customer experience is the new field of battle.

No one wants to do business with a company that treats you badly. That is why how we feel when interacting with customer service has such an impact on our potential future buying decisions; happy and pleased customers will want more of what they are getting, while those who have had bad experiences might avoid doing any sort of business in the near future.

9. Multi-channel maintenance would increase in importance

Companies are always communicating with their clients through various platforms. This could be on the website, via live chat, or even social media. However, while consumers from different networks can differ in how optimistic and open they may be about service levels for each network - there is one expectation that remains consistent among them all: contact should remain constant no matter what channels a company uses to communicate.‚Äć

10. The priority of the mobile customer experience

Mobile customer support is expected to soar when it comes to delivering a positive experience across platforms with the convenience that only smartphones provide and mobile customer support is soaring as people become more and more reliant on their phones.

11. Frustration with customers will lead to churn.

Esteban Kolsky, a marketing expert for many years has found that 72% of consumers would share their positive experience with 6 or more individuals. However, 13% will only tell 15 people if they are not satisfied.

12. The first preference for self-service assistance would be

By 2030, customer-owned bots will automatically collect a billion service tickets. Gartner predicts that customers are prepared to seek the solutions themselves so much so that they'll be able to automate their own requests for help in just a few years' time.

 13. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers

The process of method marketing was invented by Denny Hatch, a marketer. The strategy is deeply rooted in acting and the actor's approach to "process." Acting as consumers allow you to understand at least one consumer on a deep level which can then be used for advertising strategies or creative ideas.

14. Understanding your clients better than anyone else

Focusing on the customer is a more effective way to advertise your product. Instead of showcasing features, emphasize how this would help them by emphasizing their worries and hesitations that will influence their decision-making process.

15. Help your clients be as effective as they can be

A company that offers free educational services is doing what every business can do to generate added value for consumers and enhance the customer experience.

16. Making it a TOP priority to listen to your clients

Customer service is no longer about providing excellent customer care, but instead, it's become about giving customers the individualized experience they deserve. Brands now must understand where their consumers come from and what factors influence their decision-making to be successful in this industry.

 17. Build human encounters that are unforgettable

It's important to have empathy for the customer. Empathy is one of the most valuable aspects when it comes to providing excellent service and creating memorable experiences that will keep customers coming back time after time. Setting meaningful, unforgettable memories from top to bottom in your marketing funnel is how leading brands offer outstanding customer service.

18. Reduce as much friction as possible

Customers of today need to feel that their company is listening and understanding them. It's not about having the best product; it's about knowing more than your customer knows in order for you to be able to provide a better service overall.

19. Quickly respond

We created a new feature that saves time and hassle. Recently, we introduced the ability for our clients to book phone call appointments online. This has been an incredible addition because it simplifies client scheduling while also giving them more flexibility in meeting times with us - they can now choose when their next available slot is.

20. Competitor Research

When you are learning about your client's product, it is important to spend time researching their competitors. Doing this will not only help you understand the market and industry better but also will provide insight into how they can improve on what already exists in order to stay afloat amid a growing sea of company competition.

21. The service is to read, live, and breathe.

As you apply for the service, make sure to take advantage of all opportunities. Subscribe to their newsletter so that you can keep up with any updates or changes in your account. If they have a blog consider subscribing as well because there might be valuable tips and tricks related to how the company works.


Working with SaaS clients is a lot of fun because they are eager to expand their accounts. They also understand the value that data has and allow it to speak for itself - giving you reassurance from consumers who know this business environment. It can be challenging at times but when you concentrate on quality lead generation as opposed to quantity alone, both ends will benefit by working together.

Mar 19, 2021

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